The Dream Journal – March 2023


What a difference a few weeks and a thousand or so miles makes! The beginning of February, we hit -21 degrees at home in New Hampshire; this week, we’ve hit 90 degrees in the Everglades. We’ve gone from freezing in 5 layers of clothing to roasting in shorts and T-shirts. Yep, quite the contrast! We’re missing a lot of snow, but we’re not missing it, if you know what we mean. And we’ve gotten to see a huge alligator stroll through our campsite, and a rocket launch, neither of which we could have seen at home. We love New Hampshire, but we also love to see the country in all its weird and wonderful glory.

One gig for the month, but it’s a great one. This Saturday, March 4th, we’ll be opening for Jennings & Keller at the Luna Star Cafe in North Miami, FL. Laurie Jennings and Dana Keller are an award-winning nationally touring duo based out of Florida. They offer up 21st Century Americana with influences in folk, jazz, and roots music. The Luna Star Cafe is a delightfully funky little venue with amazing food and a substantial beer list. The cafe owners, Alexis and Kevin, are a delight. We’re looking forward to opening the evening! Music starts at 8pm. The show is sponsored by the South Florida Folk Club. Note: $15 minimum food/drink tab for the show, but the food is so good, that shouldn’t be a problem. Cash only; there’s an ATM around the corner.

The Midweek Song Swap will be back in April. Meanwhile, you can go back and watch any of the previous ones on our YouTube channel.

We’ve just finished up February Album Writing Month (FAWM), where the goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. We both achieved that goal! Now that we have time to go back and listen to the songs we wrote, we’re starting to post some of them on our Patreon page. Come check it out, and be our patrons!

This Friday, March 3rd, is Bandcamp Friday, where Bandcamp waives all their revenue fees for music sales, and turns that money over to the artists. It’s a great day to buy our CDs there, though any day is a great day for that!

Our albums Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace are available from us on our website, through Bandcamp, or you can find them at iTunes and most other online music stores. Our music is also available streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

As always, you can find additional schedule information on our website. For additional content and stories from the road, follow us on Patreon. For more frequent news updates and information, check out our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@danandfaith).

Give little neighborhood cafes and coffeeshops lots of love. Even if they don’t have music, they’re still local treasures that should be supported. And if they have music, even better!

Dan & Faith