Serendipity Songwriter Showcase

We host a Songwriters-In-The-Round showcase at the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, Massachusetts on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We take the summer off, so we don’t do shows there in July and August.

This event is sponsored by the Serendipity Cafe and the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.

Each month we have two guest songwriters join us for an in-the-round. What this means is we play a song (as a duo) then the first guest plays a song, then the next guest, then it’s back to us. We are all on stage the whole time. It’s a song swap where we take turns, and sometimes back one another. Themes develop as each performer tries to think of a song in their repertoire that would follow what was played before.

The third round of songs is special. For that round, we each play a song that was written for the evening, to a prompt chosen by the audience the previous month. For this round, Dan and Faith each present a song separately, so the audience hears four separate takes on the prompt. After this round, we collect slips from the audience, pick three from the basket, and have the audience vote for their choice. It’s fun for the songwriters and the audience alike.

The Serendipity Cafe has wonderful food and awesome baked goods. On the nights we play there, a selection of vegan baked goods can be sampled. The chocolate cake they’ve been making is outstanding, whether you’re vegan or not. The cafe has an inviting, warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is live, local music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and they open specially for our showcase on the 2nd Wednesdays. We’re so delighted to be a part of the musical lineup at Serendipity!

Beth DeSombre hosts some months, depending on our touring schedule and hers.