Thanks for checking out the music we’ve formally released. Each can be purchased directly from us, or from a number of other sources.

Then and Now: Fall 2019

Our 2019 album, Then and Now, contains 13 original songs, ranging in styles but all telling stories. It is available directly from us at shows, and on online purchase and streaming platforms. Of course if you purchase it directly from us, we are also happy to autograph it for you if desired.

Seeking: 2016 Release


Our 2016 album, Seeking, contains 13 original songs. It will be available directly from us at shows, and is available on online purchase and streaming platforms, as well as available from us in CD form. If you’d like us to autograph your copy, we’re happy to do that too.

Simple Grace

Our third release overall and second studio CD was be formally released in June 2014.  The CD is available on iTunes and other download stores, and can be purchased at our shows or via the ordering button below.

The CD package includes a pull-out booklet with the lyrics and notes about each song.


Order yours today. We’ll ship it out to you. Let us know if you’d like it signed!

 Live At Roslindale

A live performance from Roslindale, MA from the fall of 2011. Recording engineer Steve Friedman was recording that night and captured the set nicely. He remixed the audio and produced this EP. This album is no longer available in physical form or online.


Out of print


Dreaming of Another Path

A dream long suppressed shall ripple, rising forth like the spring that feeds a mountain stream.

Dreaming of Another Path is a collection of fourteen songs from dreams and from the people and places of our lives. This was our first studio album, recorded in 2010. This one is no longer in print, and is not available online.

Out of print