The Dream Journal – October 2021


Our new orchard trees graced us with one solitary Bartlett pear this year. It was very pretty, but very lonely. And then we found a half dozen other Bartlett pears on one of the older trees. There was much rejoicing! The new apple trees managed to drop all their apples before harvest, but the older apple tree that was here when we moved in has made up for that with a ton of its own. We’ve already made 5 quarts of applesauce, and our friend Christine made apple pan dowdy (we even have it on video — check out the link!) when she and her husband/music partner Aidan (Friction Farm) stayed with us last week. And the tree still looks laden! We’re looking forward to more applesauce, sliced apples, apple turnovers, squash with apples, apple pies, apple crisp… The potatoes are mostly harvested, the tomatoes are just about done, we’ve started harvesting kale and celery, and there are a couple of pretty little cabbages out there still. We’re enjoying the fact that we haven’t had frost yet!

We have one last in-person outdoor show before it gets too cold to want to play outdoors. This Saturday, October 2nd, we’ll be at the Greenville Junktion Shoppe in Greenville, NH as part of their Summer Music Series. You may remember the proprietor of the Shoppe, Mark Abare, as one of the folks who ran the former Hearing Room in Lowell, MA. We’re looking forward to checking out the Shoppe and providing some tunes for your Shoppe-shopping and leaf peeping pleasure! The weather should be perfect for outdoor activities. Artisan Jennifer Baranowski will also be on hand. The Shoppe is open 11am-4pm, music runs 12-3pm. Hope we’ll see you there!

Although she has been playing local shows on Long Island this summer, our “ladybeast” friend Rorie Kelly has also been doing a regular Monday night live stream, dubbed Monday Night Muses. She bills it as “…an hour of songs, poetry, looping, and general shenanigans.” We’re pleased to be joining Rorie as her Monday Night Muses guests on Monday, October 18th from 7-9pm Eastern. Expect we’ll be joining in on the shenanigans! Tune in live on her Twitch channel, or catch the rerun there later.

Covid has been tough on music venues. One of our favorites, Wild Hog In The Woods in Madison, WI, did its entire season online through this past spring, but were hoping to open up again for live in-person shows this fall. Unfortunately, the Delta variant has complicated that plan, so they’re doing a few online shows this fall to tide them over until they can open their doors for real. We’re honored to play their online coffeehouse on Friday, October 22nd at 8:30pm Eastern. You’ll find the show on their website. No cost to tune in, but please do consider donating what you can to Phillup The Pig, their (virtual) piggy bank. The proceeds go to support the WilMar Neighborhood Center, which hosts the coffeehouse and does great community work. There will be a Zoom chat after the show for folks to say hello!

We’ve spent a bit of time out at the family cabin in the Berkshires this summer, including spending some fun time with our niece. It’s getting near time to close it up for the winter, but we’ll be back again next spring. Dan’s song Old Cabin pays tribute to the cabin, and to another cabin he’s only seen in a dream.

The Midweek Song Swap will start up again in November. Stay tuned…

The Serendipity Songwriter Showcase will be back soon. Meanwhile, stop by the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA, get yourself a tasty meal and dessert, and tell Laura and Johnny we said hi!

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of one of our CDs but just haven’t gotten to it, or would prefer to have a download instead of a physical CD, head on over to our Bandcamp page, where you can purchase copies of Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace.  As an extra incentive, on the first Friday of every month, Bandcamp waives their already low revenue share and turns all album proceeds over to the artist.  They’ve committed to doing this throughout the pandemic, and will be continuing through at least the end of 2021.  Remember, CDs make great holiday and birthday gifts!

Our albums Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace are available from us on our website, through Bandcamp, or you can find them at iTunes and most other online music stores.  Our music is also available streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

As always, you can find additional schedule information on our website. For additional content, follow us on Patreon. For more frequent news updates and information, check out our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@danandfaith).

Get your shots, wear your mask, do your part to make sure we can open up the music world again in the spring. Until then, support your favorite musicians and music venues however you can.

Dan & Faith