The Dream Journal – February 2021


One year ago, we were starting our trek homeward after spending all of January in Florida and Georgia, soaking up the warmth. Though our original plan was to stay south until March, the weather was starting to turn, and there were starting to be news reports of this weird new virus. So we figured we should start moving north again. In the 12 months since we arrived home from that trip, we’ve not been any further south than Massachusetts, nor further west than Vermont. We do miss the road tremendously! But we’ve been grateful for good internet, and for good friends we’ve been hanging out with online.

This coming Wednesday, February 3rd, we welcome Jennifer Evans to our Midweek Song Swap. Jennifer is an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist with a rich voice. She performs the honed, socially relevant compositions of her songwriter brother, Griff Evans, as well as traditional ballads and humorous material by other artists. We’ll be streaming live on our Facebook and YouTube pages starting at 7:30pm Eastern time.

Years ago we joined a group called, an all volunteer organization to promote women in music (“cuz chicks rock!”). The network of friends we developed from GoGirls has helped us a lot since then, and we were heartbroken when GoGirls shut down back in 2017. Well, GoGirls is back! A group of us have been meeting weekly for much of the last year, and Madalyn Sklar, the GG founder, is kicking off what we hope will be a recurring music series. The Invasion of the GoGirls starts on Saturday, February 6th at 2pm Eastern time with a series of interviews and songs from some of us who have stuck with it this past year. We’re happily taking part in this kickoff concert! Keep an eye on the GoGirls Facebook page and YouTube channel for more details. As soon as we have final links, we’ll post them as well.

We continue our Midweek Song Swaps with Steve Deasy on Wednesday, February 17th. Steve is a socially conscious writer in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, but with the contemporary musicality of new folk, classic rock, pop, and jazz influences. Add some humorous Steve Goodman-style story songs and you have Steve: relevant, complex, funny and talented. Join us at 7:30pm Eastern time on Facebook and YouTube.

The Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse has been bringing folk music to the people of Madison, Wisconsin since 1978. We have been lucky enough to perform there twice in the past, and have enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome from a great listening audience. Obviously, with the current Covid situation, their weekly live concerts at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center are not possible, but the Hog is offering “Phillup the Pig’s Virtual Concerts” as a fundraiser for the center. We are delighted to be their featured act on Friday, February 19th. We’ll play a set on the Wild Hog in the Woods website starting at 8:30pm Eastern time, followed by a Zoom meet-and-greet (link will be posted during the concert). The concert is free, but we encourage you to “Phillup the Pig” by donating at the link provided during the show. The proceeds will be split between us and the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center.

The Serendipity Songwriter Showcase has decided to extend its winter vacation until March. If you’re in the neighborhood of Maynard, MA, stop by the Serendipity Cafe, get yourself some tasty takeout, and tell Laura and Johnny we miss them!

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February is the month of love. Give your favorite musicians a little love this month. Check out their music online, order CDs to give to your sweetie, maybe drop a couple of bucks in their online tip jar if you can.

Dan & Faith