The Dream Journal – July 2020


We’ve been putting our time at home to good use, and our garden is looking amazing! Hardly a weed to be found, and the perimeter is nicely mowed. We’ve already been eating radishes, lettuce, kale and parsley from the garden, and in the last week or so we had our first zucchini, yellow squash and celery. The black raspberries are ripe, and our first batch of black raspberry sorbet is in the freezer with the strawberry sorbet made with strawberries from a local farm stand. The broccoli and cabbage plants have survived the crazy wind storms and last week’s hail, and though they look a bit cockeyed and rumpled, they’re growing like mad.

Last month’s grand experiment with doing an online in-the-round concert was a success! We’re happy enough with the technology to try it again. So tune in to our Facebook page on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:30pm Eastern time, when we will be joined by Jason Baker for a song swap night. Jason hails from Burlington, VT, and though he’s relatively new to songwriting, he writes powerful songs. We haven’t seen Jason since last December, BC (Before Covid). You don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch.

A week later, on Wednesday, July 29th, we’ll be joined by John Ferullo for our next song swap night. John hosts the twice-monthly open mike at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA, and he’s a good friend. Join us on our Facebook page at 7:30pm Eastern!

The Serendipity Songwriter Showcase will return in August.  Look for our August newsletter for details.

Since our last newsletter, we’ve posted an article on our Patreon page giving the back story behind one of Faith’s songs, and a demo recording of one of Dan’s! Want to know more about our music? Want to get previews of new recordings before our next CD? Sign up for our Patreon page.

Our albums Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace are available from us on our website, or you can find them at iTunes and most other online music stores.  Our music is also available streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

As always, you can find additional schedule information on our website. For additional content, follow us on Patreon. For more frequent news updates and information, check out our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@danandfaith).

Reach out to your favorite musicians online, see if you can support them in some way. And don’t forget venues! Many music venues are hosting concerts online, either by partnering with musicians remotely or by having musicians perform in the venue to an empty room, and broadcasting it online. Tune in, listen, support as you’re able, and spread the word to your friends. Until such time as we can all be together again, musicians and audience together in the venues, we do what we can to keep the music alive.

Dan & Faith