The Dream Journal – June 2020


We’ve been doing enough traveling over the last couple of years that we’d forgotten how fickle the weather here in New England can be in spring. Normally it’s OK for us to plant the more tender plants (squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes) on Memorial Day weekend, so the wee bit of frost damage we woke up to on June 1st was a bit of a surprise. Yes, frost on the first of June! Mother Nature has been taking us on quite the temperature roller coaster the last several weeks.

One of the things we’ve missed a great deal since we’ve been off the road is the Serendipity Songwriter Showcase. Now, thanks to the wonders of internet technology, we’re starting it up again this Wednesday, June 10th, as an online song swap. Our guests this month are Kim Moberg and Kathleen Healy. The theme, as chosen by our March audience (wow, so long ago!), is “Monuments”. Tune in to the Rhode Island Songwriters Association Facebook page from 7:30-9:30pm Eastern time. During the show, we’ll announce how we’re going to choose the theme for July’s songwriters, and we’ll post a link for the “after party”, where you can chat with the performers and with other audience members. Oh, and if you’re in the Maynard, MA area, watch the Serendipity Cafe website for their grand reopening later this month! Give Laura and Johnny some love and support and get some tasty food in return.

Need a break from Zoom meetings and binge-watching Netflix? Come join us on Thursday, June 25th at 7pm Eastern for our first concert of the summer! Tune in to our Facebook page, kick back in the comfy chair and relax with a glass of iced tea and our music.

Since our last newsletter, we’ve posted two articles on our Patreon page giving the back story behind two of Dan’s songs. Want to know more about our music? Want to get previews of new recordings before our next CD? Sign up for our Patreon page.  This week’s post will be about Dan’s song, Sixty Eight, and the parallels between 1968 and now.

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We love and support our black brother and sister musicians. We believe that black people deserve the right to live their lives without fear of hatred, harassment, or death at the hands of the people who should protect us all. These are simple rights that many of us take for granted, but are denied to them so often in this country.  Black lives matter.

Dan & Faith