NERFA 2014

We are attending the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference. This is a four day gathering of musicians, presenters, venues, DJs and others involved in the making and presenting of folk music in its many forms.

The conference is in an old resort hotel in the Catskills. There are a variety of showcase performance opportunities. Much of the fun takes place in hotel rooms converted into mini concert spaces, mostly well after midnight.

For those who will be at the conference, here is our showcase schedule:

Thursday Night:

  • Acoustic Music Scene Midnight Hoot, Room 1506, 11:45PM until late.

Friday Night:

  • Rhode Trip,¬†Room 1414, Midnight

Saturday Afternoon:

  • The Ladies Room, Room 1502, 2:45PM, in the round

Saturday Night:

  • GoGirls Music, Room 1316, 12:15AM