Boston Strong Music Project

Boston musicians coming together for the One Fund Boston.

Boston musicians coming together for the One Fund Boston.

We are honored to be included in the Boston Strong Music Project. This compilation was created by the musicians of Boston for the people of Boston, to bring hope back to our city through music. Some songs were pre recorded and donated by artists while others were recorded live at the 88.9 WERS studio at Emerson College. All of the songs are specifically designed to provide hope and to help all of those affected by the recent tragedies in our city.

We donated our track, Simple Grace, to the project. Please consider checking out the entire album. Make a donation (you decide how much), download and enjoy. You’ll be helping those affected by the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Though we’ve not done so in some years, we used to help out at the Boston Marathon starting line with communications support. We are both ham radio operators (N1JEB and N1JIT) and several of our ham friends were at the finish line providing communications support to race officials and the medical tent. Needless to say, they were in the thick of it, but all are fine. We also had quite a few friends who were at the exact location minutes before, or were delayed getting to the finish line and as a result were not there at the time. After the names started to be released, we learned three members of one family from our small town of Bolton were injured. We’ve contributed to the fund in our own town for the White family, but also are pleased to be able to help in some small way with fundraising for all affected.

The best answer to hate is love. The musicians of the Boston area share a strong sense of community and hope you will join with us in raising our voices in song.