Vegan Comfort Food (the chocolate song)

As hosts of a monthly Songwriters-In-The-Round series, we write a lot of new songs. The audience provides a prompt each month for something to write for the next month. As hosts, we each write a new song each month.

The very first prompt when we started this series was, “comfort food.” Dan immediately got the idea to write a song about our diet, but with a twist in tribute to Faith’s love of chocolate.

We eat a vegan diet, grow much of our own food in the summer, grind grains into flour to make bread, and buy rice, beans and other staples in bulk. Visitors to our house notice the large bins of basic ingredients. We buy food that is grown, not manufactured, and enjoy cooking from scratch.

OK, so we enjoy chocolate, too. We only eat dark chocolate, and at that only certain brands, since much chocolate is made with dairy and some with honey, both of which are not vegan.

Some of our favorite chocolate comes from Taza, who are even relatively local.

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