The Dream Journal – May 2024


We just got back from a quick trip to North Carolina to find our peach blossoms still hanging on, our pear blossoms in full bloom, and the apple blossoms just starting to open. The lilacs are just far enough along to start smelling them — a spring delight! The azalea blossoms are fading; the rhododendrons haven’t yet opened. The trees are green and lush, and our lawn has already been mowed three times. We love spring! And we’re hopeful for some fruit this summer.

There’s a new video of Dan’s song Se Llama Juanita on our Patreon page. It was recorded at our show at One Broadway Collaborative in Lawrence, MA on April 5th, 2024. Non-patrons can check out the beginning of the video, but we’d love to have you as patrons so you can see the whole thing! The song will be on our next album, which is getting closer. Tracks are mixed, and we’re starting to figure out which songs on the list will make the cut. Liner notes are in the works, too.

No shows this month, but we’ll be back out there next month for sure.

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Now that winter is past, it’s time to go search out live local music!

Dan & Faith