The Dream Journal – April 2024


The robins, starlings and redwing blackbirds are back from their southern winter territories, the bluebirds and juncos are happy for the extra company, and the cardinals and pileated woodpeckers are making lots of noise in the woods! And then it snowed 16 inches on March 23rd, the largest snowstorm of the season so far (and a total greater than the rest of the winter combined, we think). For several days after, the poor robins were poking at the bits of lawn sticking out along the plowed edge of the driveway. Those little patches of grass were crowded with birds! But thankfully, this time of year snow doesn’t last all that long, and the robins are all back in the hayfield, fat and happy. Here’s hoping that the upcoming snowstorm this week doesn’t stick around very long, either. Fingers crossed that our peach trees aren’t deterred by all this winter weather!

We believe that our friend Tom Smith is one of the finest songwriters in all of New England. We are delighted to have the opportunity to swap songs with Tom this coming Friday, April 5th at One Broadway Collaborative in Lawrence, MA! You can join us in person at the studio in Lawrence, or you can tune in online. The fun starts at 7:30pm Eastern time. Tickets are $15 in advance ($20 at the door) either in person or online, and can be purchased here.

Back in January, our friend Liz Magill asked us to play music for the church service at the UCC Church On The Common in Rindge, NH where she is interim pastor. We found the congregation there to be warm and welcoming, and enjoyed sharing our music with them. We will be back playing for the service again on Sunday, April 21st at 10am. All are welcome!

For a taste of what we played at the Church On The Common back in January, here’s Dan’s song Ramblin’ ‘Round! Our thanks to the congregation for singing along on the choruses.

Our albums Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace are available from us at shows and on our website, through Bandcamp, or you can find them at iTunes and most other online music stores. Our music is also available streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Do you have a favorite local venue that supports live music? Would you be interested in having us play there? Tell us about it!

Dan & Faith