The Dream Journal – May 2022


Spring has sprung, and we have kits! A fox family has taken up residence in the culvert under our driveway again this year, and they have three little kits that have started coming out and chasing one another around. There’s one in particular, we think, who’s been doing laps around the barn, though it might be two of them — it’s hard to tell for sure yet. The parents have their hands (paws?) full with these three, as they’re constantly on the move at all hours. We know this because we have motion sensor cameras around the property, and one night last week there were over 50 camera captures of the foxes. We’re fairly certain that one of the adults was a kit here two or three years ago, as the fur pattern matches one of those earlier kits. A new generation!

Speaking of new things, we’ll be playing in person at a new venue for us on Sunday, May 29th. The INN at Montgomery Center, VT is in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, right near Jay Peak ski resort. The evening is a split bill with our friends Jan and Mike Sheehy, the Milkhouse Heaters, and we’re looking forward to sharing an evening of music together. The dining room opens at 5pm, the music starts at 7pm.

With all the craziness going on in the world today, a little fun is in order. And Dan definitely gets to have fun on harmonica in Faith’s song, the No Blues Blues! This was recorded at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA in November, 2021.

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As the world opens up again, remember to be gentle with people.

Dan & Faith