The Dream Journal – January 2021


Happy New Year! And give yourself a pat on the back for making it through 2020, the year that lasted a whole decade. Didn’t it feel that way? Last January’s meanderings through Florida feel like a lifetime ago. We ended the year missing a lot of things — eating in restaurants, hugging our friends, playing music in front of actual physical humans. We also lost some people very dear to us. But we had a lot of good things happen, too, including the best garden we’ve had since we moved to New Hampshire. Yesterday’s dinner included the last of the fresh broccoli from our garden. We still have one or two small cabbages in the fridge. And we have enough frozen kale and fruit to last us for months. One of the other positives out of 2020 was discovering that, even though travel was curtailed, we could still spend time swapping songs with friends across the country without any of us leaving home.

Our first Midweek Song Swap of the new year is this coming Wednesday, January 13th, when we’re joined by Stephen Lee Rich from Madison, WI. We met Steve and his music partner Sandy Andina at a music conference years ago, where we all fell in love with each other’s songs. He advertises himself as a “Singer/Songwriter, Yodeler, Comedian, Harmless Crazy Person,” and we can vouch for that description. We’ll hang out, chat, and swap songs at 7:30pm Eastern on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

One week later, on Wednesday, January 20th, we welcome the opportunity to spend some time and swap some songs with Martin Swinger from Asbury Park, NJ. Martin writes about Alzheimer’s, Autism, oysters, fish, dogs, plastic, paper boats, Betty Boop, closets, and love. He’s also just about the nicest guy we have ever met! Sadly, we won’t be able to join him in a spontaneous musical improvisation, as the internet doesn’t handle that, but we can enjoy some great conversation and share some songs. You can listen in on our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 7:30pm Eastern.

The Serendipity Songwriter Showcase will return in February.  Meanwhile, if you’re in the neighborhood of Maynard, MA, stop by the Serendipity Cafe, get yourself some tasty takeout, and tell Laura and Johnny we miss them.

As we mentioned above, we lost some dear people in 2020.  One major loss for the country was Congressman John Lewis of Georgia.  Dan’s song Walk With The Wind, a tribute to the man known as “The Conscience of the Congress”, was inspired by Rep. Lewis’ own words in a full page essay printed in the New York Times on the day of his funeral.

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January has been crazy so far, and it won’t surprise us if it gets crazier still. If you need a break from the news, and need a lift for your spirit, find some music. As our friend Rolly says, music helps.

Dan & Faith