The Dream Journal – December 2020


Here we are in December, the end of the oddest year! It’s been a year of drastic change, for sure. We’ve lost some folks very dear to us, we’ve done no travel beyond New England since February, and all our in-person gigs vanished. With the power of the internet, thankfully, we’ve been able to continue performing, and we’ve been able to collaborate with musical friends around the country.

Speaking of collaboration, our next Serendipity Songwriter Showcase is this Wednesday, December 9th. Our guest songwriters this month are Phil Henry and Peter Lehndorff. The theme for this month’s songwriters, suggested by one of our November audience members, is “Truth vs. Fiction”. Listen in to find out what we all come up with for that theme! The show starts at 7:30pm Eastern on Facebook and YouTube. During the show, you can offer up ideas for our next Songwriter Showcase theme. And if you’re in the neighborhood of Maynard, MA, stop in at Serendipity Cafe, order up some tasty takeout, and tell Laura and Johnny that we miss them!

Do you think it’s possible to create virtual music festival history like Woodstock did for its age? Well, a whole bunch of us are going to find out this month! Starting on December 12th and running through December 31st, the COGiG19 Live Music Cure offers up a new musical artist every hour from around the world! We’re taking part on Tuesday, December 15th (Day 4 of the festival) at 9pm Eastern. Just tune into the Giving Gigs Facebook group and listen live for each artist, including us! This includes all genres of music from artists around the world. You can find out more about COGiG19 here. (Note that the times given on this site are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time.)

Our birthdays are two days apart at the end of December, Dan’s on the 29th and Faith’s on the 31st. In past years, we’ve often done our major birthday celebration on the day between. Sometimes a nice restaurant dinner, sometimes a homemade birthday cake from scratch. This year, clearly, the nice restaurant dinner isn’t an option, so we figured we’d go with a birthday show instead! Help us celebrate our birthdays on the day between, Wednesday, December 30th at 7:30pm. Tune in to our Facebook or YouTube page, bring your own cake, and we’ll make merry together!

The Midweek Song Swap will return in January.

One quick reminder — CDs make excellent stocking stuffers! Got a small stocking? How about a download instead? You can find all of that on our website. And if you have other favorite musicians whose music you’re missing, you should check out their websites, too.

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We hope that you have a peaceful holiday season, and that 2021 brings us a bit closer to normal, with all of us back together again. Stay warm, stay safe, mask up!

Dan & Faith