The Dream Journal – October 2020


A year ago, we were headed south toward Kentucky, looking forward to the trip but bemoaning the fact that we were going to miss peak fall foliage at home. This year, Mother Nature has made it up to us with some stunning fall colors! The leaves are turning earlier this year than they have in past years, though it’s not clear whether it’s because of our ongoing drought conditions or the frost we had a week or two ago. Regardless, we are enjoying the show.

We’re starting October slightly early, with one last September song swap. This Wednesday, September, 30th, we’ll be swapping songs with Ruth & Max Bloomquist from Michigan. Ruth and Max are well known in the midwest for their songs, their harmonies, and their “folk-infused charm”. And who doesn’t love an upright bass? We’ll kick off the evening with them at 7:30pm Eastern time on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

The following Wednesday, October 7th, we are joined by one of our absolute favorite songwriters, Peg Espinola. She has been playing guitar much of her life, and was a childhood friend of Pete Seeger’s half-sister, Peggy Seeger. Peg started songwriting at age 70 in a Bob Franke songwriting class, and now that she’s in her mid-80s, she has published several CDs of her original music, and continues to write both humorous and serious songs about politics, aging, and life in general. The song swapping fun starts at 7:30pm Eastern time on Facebook and YouTube.

We had a great time last summer sharing the stage at a farmers market with Aaron Tornberg. We’re missing the farmers markets this year, but we get to swap songs with Aaron on Wednesday, October 14th. Aaron’s songs run the gamut from sea chanteys to Klezmer to straight up folk. You’ll find us all on Facebook and YouTube at 7:30pm Eastern.

The Serendipity Songwriter Showcase will be back in November!

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Enjoy the fall foliage and the pumpkin spice!

Dan & Faith