The Dream Journal – March 2020 Update


As with many of our good friends in the music world, we are seeing our schedule melt away in the face of the coronavirus and its social distancing requirements. Sadly, our Sunday, March 22nd show at the Norwell Library is postponed to a future date.

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can still hear us from the safety of your own home! Come on over to our Facebook page this Wednesday, March 18th at 8pm Eastern time, and we’ll do our best to take your mind off pandemics and politics. We’ll be happy to have a virtual chat, and we’ll keep you entertained for a while.

We aren’t sure what next month’s schedule will bring us, but we’ll definitely be back online.

We highly recommend you hunt up your favorite musicians online, drop them a note of support, maybe buy a CD or two. Lots of other folks will be doing online concerts coming up, too. For some folks, the lack of gigs means a lack of income, so reach out and support them as you’re able. If you can, please donate to the American Federation of Musicians Local 1000 (traveling musicians union) Emergency Relief Fund. We are proud members of Local 1000, and are doing everything we can to support our brothers and sisters in song who have lost their income because of cancelled concerts due to the pandemic.

If you want to support us, you can buy one of our albums. Then and Now, Seeking, and Simple Grace are available from us on our website, or you can find them at iTunes and most other online music stores.

As always, you can find additional schedule information on our website. For more frequent news updates and information, check out our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@danandfaith).

Music is powerful stuff, and can help bring us together even as we keep our distance.

Dan & Faith