The Dream Journal – August 2017


One of the fun things about buying a new property is learning all the things that are living and growing there. We met our neighborhood flock of turkeys early on, and lately we’ve seen four of the mamas with their growing flock of young poults wandering around the hayfield eating bugs. We know we have red foxes, deer, porcupines, bluebirds and crows, and have seen an occasional hawk speed through. For flora, we have lilacs, hydrangea, roses, lilies (both day and regular), black raspberries, and several types of apple trees, plus innumerable other flowering plants that look pretty but defy our ability to remember their names. Some familiar, some new to us, all interesting. Sounds like our musical opportunities!

We’re back hosting the Serendipity Songwriter Session at Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA this Wednesday, August 9th. This month, our musical guests are Aaron Tornberg and John Ferullo. This month’s theme, as chosen by the July audience, is “Unexpected Love”. Join us for good food, good original music, tasty fresh-baked desserts, and help us choose the theme for September’s songwriters. Music runs 7:30-9:30pm. Many thanks to Beth DeSombre for hosting in July!

We’re starting to explore our musical neighborhood in New Hampshire. This Saturday, August 12th, we’re off to Marlow Family Fun Day in Marlow, NH. Dunk tank, bouncy castle, a parade, face painting and kids games, arts and crafts, even “chicken poop bingo”! Gotta love small town fairs. Family Fun Day runs 9am-7pm, we think we’ll be on somewhere around 1pm.

Saturday, August 26th, we return to the Pepperell Farmers Market in Pepperell, MA. One of the things we love about this market is that there is at least one farmer who drives a tractor and wagon full of produce over to the market. Now that’s Farm to Table! The produce is always good, and the people are always nice. The market runs 9am-1pm, we play 10am-12pm.

The next afternoon, Sunday August 27th, we’re off to the Old Manse in Concord, MA for the Sunday concert series. This year, we’re sharing the afternoon with John Ferullo, Betsi Mandrioli, “Wyoming” Bob Morse and Kathleen Larkin. There will definitely be collaboration, harmonizing, and just plain fun! Bring a couple of folding chairs and a picnic lunch, or land your kayak at the Old North Bridge just down the hill. Music runs 2-5pm.

We finish out the month at Main Streets Market & Cafe in Concord, MA as the feature at Ellen Schmidt’s open mike on Monday, August 28th. Seating is limited at the market, so if you’re intending to come and have not already reserved a space, let us know ASAP. The mini-set that evening will be Betsi Mandrioli and Kathleen Larkin.  The open mike runs 7:30-10pm; we’ll be on around 8pm.

Our CDs Seeking and Simple Grace are available from us at our shows, on our website, or you can find them at CD Baby, iTunes and most other online music stores. Seeking has been specially mastered for iTunes, which gives higher fidelity over standard iTunes recordings.

As always, you can find additional schedule information on our website, For more frequent news updates and information, check out our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter (@danandfaith).

You can find local music whether you’re near home or far away. Just keep your eyes and ears open!

Dan & Faith