June Dream Journal and CD Release

SimpleGraceCover-smallGreetings on this warm June day. If you haven’t already received a copy of our June newsletter, please take a look at this month’s Dream Journal.

Those of you who come to our house concerts know that we, Dan & Faith, play a short opening set of three songs before the featured act. We enjoy sharing a bit of our music with the audience and with the featured performer(s). This month we are doing something a bit different.

With the release of our CD, Simple Grace, we thought about how best to celebrate its release. We considered doing a show in a nearby venue, but in the end we decided to put the “party” into our CD Release Party and host it ourselves. We do, after all, have our own little venue.

So the plan is we will have a potluck followed by a concert set by us, then we’ll have our many musician friends join in for a jam. We hope you’ll take hope a copy of the CD to enjoy. Contact us for reservations, so we have some idea how many folks to expect. We’ll supply directions and address.

If you’re not nearby, you can now find Simple Grace on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and on our Dan & Faith web site. If you’d like it signed, buy it through our web site and make sure to drop us a note asking that we sign it!