New Year’s Needham

It’s snowing out, but the days are starting to get longer. The weather is expected to be clear, if cold, on New Year’s Eve. Why does that matter? There’s a great arts celebration in the town of Needham on New Year’s Eve called New Year’s Needham.

There are performances all day and right up until midnight. We’d like to recommend checking out Kirsten & Dave at 5PM and Beth DeSombre at 6PM, both at the First Baptist Church. Then take a break for dinner.

At 9PM head over to the Homegrown Coffeehouse at the First Parish in Needham where our friend Jerry Wasserman and his band The Great Experiment will be playing. Faith plays bass in the band, and Dan sits in on harmonica. We also recommend staying for the 10PM – Midnight song circle featuring Chris Pahud, Tom Smith, Cheryl Perrault and Steve Rapson, Ken Batts, Michael Troy and others.