Market Season

In the summertime, we enjoy playing music at area farmer’s markets. What could be better than fresh, local produce, baked goods and live music? Sure, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, but on those perfect days, when the sun is bright and the breeze is gentle, we’ll add some songs and stories to bring joy to your day.

We start market season with the Bedford Farmer’s Market on June 28th. Market runs from 2 – 6:30 in the afternoon. We’ll play starting around 2pm for a few hours. Then we’ll play the opening market day at the Pepperell Farmer’s Market on July 10th. We will play later in the summer and into the fall at both of those markets. In the fall we will return to the Acton-Boxboro market in West Acton.

We also will be featuring at Savoury Lane on August 3rd along with our good friend Dan Tappan.